Digital For Humanity


Who we are

Digital for Humanity is a non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the digital divide and promoting digital inclusion.
Our mission is to ensure that everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic background or geographic location, has access to the digital culture, tools, skills, and resources needed to thrive in the digital age.

Our vision

Digital for Humanity, a voluntary organization, through the initiatives promoted and provided by Skillando Digital Volunteering, has the primary objective of reducing the digital and technological gap of NPOs and third sector entities in Italy and in the Global South.
It does so through digital volunteering initiatives that involve the participation of digital professionals from their own community who provide skills, experience and time in favor of this cause.
The entities and organizations receiving these initiatives belong to contexts linked to the world of education, international cooperation, social and health assistance, fair tourism, immigration, integration and equal opportunities.
In today’s economic and social environment, it is difficult to imagine that organizations are able to buy a whole series of skills related to digital communication, information technology and fundraising on the market.
However, these skills are very important for the success of any project and for this reason, the contribution of digital volunteers becomes crucial to avoid the digital and technological divide that separates smaller non-profit organizations from profit ones, and which, in a broader sense but with equally serious effects, limits the opportunities of entire sectors of the population.

Our goal

Our goal, as a voluntary organization, is to enable a digital democracy so that every person, of any age, gender, religion and political affiliation can use digital for educational, community and for the creation of collective well-being in the society in which we live.
We want to make digital a means, not a goal, to solve the concrete problems that our generation has inherited and created in turn.
We want to inspire other minds to use digital to create jobs, education, awareness, knowledge to fulfill the needs of their community.

Our initiatives

Our initiatives are based on three elements that we define as PET: PURPOSE, EXPERIENCE and TALKABILITY.

We have very clear our goal and the reason why Digital For Humanity exists, this is our purpose, to reduce the digital divide.

‍We do this through volunteer trips that create unforgettable experiences where you are forced to downgrade yourself, pushing yourself to the limit of what you think you can do and explain.

‍We tell it through our stories which are not just documentaries but are made, most of the time, of emotions and memories that each of our volunteers carries in their hearts.